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The Photographer - Daphne Ellenburg

Life is moving so fast. It seems like I blinked my eyes and my babies are in High School getting ready to take on the world. They are growing at the speed of light. I'm excited for them and terrified all at the same time. Do you feel like me?

The neatest thing about what we do at Ellenburg Photography, is we SLOW time. We capture your child as they are right now and we freeze it forever for you to reflect back on and enjoy with them as they grow and grow. I love that. I pull my portraits out to tell stories all the time. No one can ever believe they were that little. As a senior, this is really the LAST time you get to boss them around in a portrait before they put on their Adult hat.

Recording your family history is job we take seriously, but we sure have fun while we do it. 

Our studio is located in the heart of Saraland, Alabama at 914 Saraland Blvd South, Saraland Alabama 36525. We feature boutique hours and are open by appointment only. Got questions about your senior? Call us at 251-656-7601.

Ellenburg Photography was founded in 2007. It operated for 5 years in Creola, Alabama before moving to it's current location in Saraland, Alabama. Lead Photographer Daphne Ellenburg, is a member of PPA, WPPI, BNI and the Chamber of Commerce. She is a leader in our community often volunteering time at the local High School. She is proud to be the official photographer for the American Cancer Society's Breast Cancer Walk in Mobile since 2014.